Lipid Composition

Understanding and manipulating plant lipid composition: Metabolic engineering leads the way

Johnathan A. Napier, Richard P. Haslam, Frederic Beaudoin, and Edgar B. Cahoon

Current Opinion in Plant Biology


Elements of a dynamic systems model of canopy photosynthesis

Xin-Guang Zhu, Qingfeng Song, and Donald R. Ort

Current Opinion in Plant Biology


Sweet sorghum productivity for biofuels under increased soil salinity and reduced irrigation

Ioannis Vasilakoglou, Kico Dhima, Nikitas Karagiannidis, and Thomas Gatsis

Field Crops Research


Improving photosynthetic efficiency for greater yield

Xin-Guang Zhu, Stephen P. Long, and Donald R. Ort

Annual Review Of Plant Biology


The Sorghum bicolor genome and the diversification of grasses

Andrew H. Paterson, John E. Bowers, Rémy Bruggmann, Inna Dubchak, Jane Grimwood, Heidrun Gundlach, Georg Haberer, Uffe Hellsten, Therese Mitros, Alexander Poliakov, Jeremy Schmutz, Manuel Spannagl, Haibao Tang, Xiyin Wang, Thomas Wicker, et al.



Plant triacylglycerols as feedstocks for the production of biofuels

Timothy P. Durrett, Christoph Benning, and John Ohlrogge

Plant Journal


Can improvement in photosynthesis increase crop yields?

Stephen P. Long, Xin-guang Zhu, Shawna L. Naidu, and Donald R. Ort

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Crop transformation and the challenge to increase yield potential

Thomas R. Sinclair, Larry C. Purcell, and Clay H. Sneller

Trends in Plant Science


Cold tolerance of C-4 photosynthesis in Miscanthus x giganteus: Adaptation in amounts and sequence of C-4 photosynthetic enzymes

Shawna L. Naidu, Stephen P. Moose, Abdul K. AL-Shoaibi, Christine A. Raines, and Stephen P. Long

Plant Physiology


Avenues for genetic modification of radiation use efficiency in wheat

Matthew P. Reynolds, Maarten van Ginkel, and Jean-Marcel Ribaut

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